Economic Development

The Town’s planning and development services are regulated by the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Regulations, and Development Regulations. The Town provides in-house building permitting and code enforcement. Development services are initiated at Town Hall and processed in a timely manner.

Columbia County Development Authority
Town of Fort White Planning & Zoning Board
Columbia County Building & Zoning Department 

Building & Zoning Forms:
Property Owner Affidavit 
Town of Fort White Building Permit 

LDC’S & Maps:
Fort White FLUM Map
Fort White Zoning Map
Land Development Code – All
LDC – Article 1
LDC – Article 2
LDC – Article 3
LDC – Article 4
LDC – Article 5
LDC – Article 6
LDC – Article 7
LDC – Article 8
LDC – Article 9
LDC – Article 10

If you are interested in relocating your business to the Town of Fort White, please contact:
Connie Brecheen, Town Clerk
Phone: (386) 497-2321
Email: [email protected]

To open a business download our Occupational License Application, if you have any questions contact the Office of the Town Clerk at Town Hall 386-497-2321, you may also reach the office of Town Clerk by email at [email protected]. Click here to download Occupation License Renewal Notice!